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Bryan Fischer: Collins Proves Gayness A Choice; Barber Tweets Incest!

Jason Collins cover of Sports Illustrated

Jason Collins cover of Sports Illustrated

The anti-gay activists are furious over the decision by Jason Collins to come out of the closet. Well, that is when you can get them to actually open up about their feelings. Most of them seem reluctant to discuss it. However, Bryan Fischer used the opportunity to tell everyone that being gay must be a choice because Collins has a twin brother who is straight, and Matt Barber wanted to let everyone know that he is obsessed with incest.

Sexuality is incredibly complex. The reality is that there are, maybe, ten or fifteen percent on each side who are absolutely set as straight or gay and the rest fall on the Kinsey spectrum in varying degrees. It is just easier for people to treat the idea that all people are absolutely one or the other rather than somewhere along the spectrum.

Furthermore, most of the time, sexuality is determined by genetic markers, and not the genes themselves. Those markers are influenced by the inutero envorionment, and twins can react to different hormone levels differently.

Of course, Fischer is one of those Procrustean people who believes that everyone should be put on a slab and have their personality “arms and legs” chopped off because it is easier than dealing with a complex society.

Fischer said on his radio show that:

One other significant, significant piece of this story is that Jason Collins is absolute proof that homosexuals aren’t “born that way,” despite the bloviations of that noted geneticist Lady Gaga.

Jason Collins has an identical twin, Jaron, who was “astounded” to discover that his brother had entered into the homosexual lifestyle. He, despite sharing Jason’s identical DNA, is as straight as a laser beam. Identical twins share straits that are genetically determined: height, skin color, eye color, hair color and so forth. If homosexuality is a genetically-caused sexual preference, Jaron Collins should be as gay as his brother. He’s not.

To date, though, the research has been pretty conclusive that people cannot change their inherent sexuality. After all, there is a growing number of people who have pushed ex-gay therapy no end who have decided to finally give up the ghost and let us all know that, yes, they are gay.

Of course, Fischer was kind of benign on the issue. Liberty University Dean and lawyer with Liberty Counsel (the guys who helped Lisa Miller flee the country rather than share custody with her ex-wife) Matt Barber was a lot less benign. Barber showed off his obsession with incestuous relationships by tweeting after Collins came out “When will the first ‘brave’ athlete ‘come out’ & acknowledge that he & his mom hook up? We need a role model for incestuous kids! Courage!”

We are, of course, baffled why Barber would make this assertion. Perhaps he just regrets never getting to go Oedipus on his mother.



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2 Responses to Bryan Fischer: Collins Proves Gayness A Choice; Barber Tweets Incest!

  1. Ray Ivey

    April 30, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    Why, oh WHY even cover Brian Fischer? Do we cover the statements of the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan? Can’t we just disappear him?