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Daughter Of Roger Gorley Challenges Police, Hospital Account of Arrest

Research Medical Center

Research Medical Center

What happened at Research Medical Center in Lee’s Summit, Missouri? There are a lot of conflicting reports, and in the end, what happened might not be known until the case goes to court. According to the known information, the husband of Roger Gorley, Allen Mansell, was admitted to the hospital. While there, Roger was ejected from the hospital in handcuffs. That is all that is known. Nothing else has actually been fully determined.

According to the hospital “This was an issue of disruptive and belligerent behavior by the visitor that affected patient care,” the hospital alleged in a statement released Thursday afternoon, after the story had gained national attention. In addition to intense media scrutiny and anger in the gay community, federal officials are now also investigating.”

AmericaBlog talked to Amanda Brown, the twenty-six-year-old daughter of Roger Gorley, who was at the hospital that day. According to Ms Brown, the police wore gloves and were concerned that Gorley had AIDS because he’s gay.

Brown states that Allen Mansell’s brother Lee Mansell was there, challenging Gorley’s right to make medical decisions for his defacto husband should Allen Mansell be unable to make decisions on his own. Lee Mansell did this in the presence of a nurse, who did nothing to confirm that Gorley had power of attorney.

According to Brown “The nurse knew who my farther was, she knew who Allen was. She had treated Allen before, and dad had been there before, dad had signed off on medical treatments before. She should have had all the information on file.” She also has reported that Allen Mansell wanted Gorley there, and the nurse knew what was going on.

Brown also stated that “Lee was being more crazy than my dad, he was the one who was yelling.”

Brown stated on her blog that:

The police considered that a violation of a direct order, so they began to forcibly remove him from the room. My father held onto the rail of the gurney as well as his husbands hand with everything he had. The police responded with brut and excessive force. The office began karate chopping his wrist to get him to release the gurney. Then they wrestled him to the ground forcefully enough to knock his glasses off of his face, his hearing aids out of his ears, and nearly break his wrist while they took him down. To handcuff him, they pushed a knee into his back and wrenched his wrists around.

It didn’t end there. The police changed his handcuffs 4 times! They assumed because he was a gay man that he was HIV+. When they drew blood from accosting him in such a brutal manner they freaked out. One of the arresting officers was so offended by my father’s presence that he would not touch him with his bare hands. He wore gloves the entire time and to make matters even more humiliating he didn’t want his handcuffs back. He grabbed them with gloves on, then another layer of gloves pinched between his index finger and thumb as he handed them off to another officer. The officer taking the handcuffs looked at him like he was crazy and just grabbed the handcuffs with no issue.

Brown also reported that Allen Mansell was in and out of consciousness. This contradicts the reports that Allen Mansell was admitted for psychological reasons, not physiological reasons.



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