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Earwin “Magic” Johnson Talks About His Son’s Coming Out

Earwin "Magic" Johnson

Earwin “Magic” Johnson

Earvin “Magic” Johnson II sat down with TMZ to discuss the coming out of his son Earvin “EJ” Johnson III. Magic Johnson wanted to discuss how his son’s coming out will affect the Black Community and the Sports Community given that EJ is the son of an NBA legend at a time when the anti-gay sentiments in both have been in the news.

The interview is in three parts with the first talking about his son’s coming out:

In the second section of the interview, Magic Johnson talked about how he and his son are handling the situation, especially given the hatred on various blogs:

And finally, Johnson talked about how this news could inspire professional athletes to follow suit:

Magic Johnson has lived with the stigma of having HIV for around two decades now. He parlayed that and his fame into working with charities to help alleviate the issues surrounding HIV infection and especially within the Black Community.

Johnson is, himself, straight, but the revelation of his being HIV-positive lead to a number of rumors regarding his sexuality. This largely happened due to the fact that even today there is a persistent belief that HIV/AIDS is largely a ‘gay’ disease even though it infects straight people as much as gay people.

According to the pathology, straight women and gay men are at highest risk of contracting HIV or AIDS from sexual activity. Straight men are at lower risk, and lesbians are considered to be at the lowest risk of contracting AIDS from sexual intercourse.

Earwin Johnson III was born shortly after his father’s revelation of being HIV positive; however, he was not infected by his father, and the same holds true for his mother. EJ recently stepped out on Sunset Strip with his boyfriend.



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