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Former Pawlenty Aide Wants Republicans To Support Marriage Equality

The Republican Elephant

The Republican Elephant

Brian McClung, the former deputy chief of staff to Governor Tim Pawlenty, has called on Minnesota Republicans to back same-sex marriage because, if they do not, they risk alienating young voters.

McClung talked to the Star Tribune regarding this issue, and noted that the GOP, by resisting same-sex marriage, was ignoring the young generation and that means that they come off as out of touch. He also asserted that he would be willing to personally lobby lawmakers on the issue.

McClung explained to the Associated Press that “We [Republicans] risk closing the door on an entire generation of voters.” He went on to say “By the time of the 2014 elections, it would be beneficial for us to have this as a settled issue and have us get back to the broader issues that we all support — like less spending, lower taxes and more accountability.”

Minnesota is one of the current battlegrounds on same-sex marriage. Currently, Senator Branden Petersen of Andover is the only Republican to support same-sex marriage. Supporters are hoping to get more Republicans on board since some rural Democrats are opposed to marriage equality.

McClung went on the record as having voted against a constitutional amendment last fall that would have banned same-sex marriage. While there is no way to know if what he said is true or not, there is no reason to assume that he is lying about how he voted.

It should be noted that there are only 17 House Democrats from districts where the ban on marriage equality passed. Conversely, there are 21 Republicans who hail from districts that failed to pass the amendment.

Very few Republicans have been willing to come out and support marriage equality during their tenure in office. The majority of those who support marriage equality only voice support after they have left office.



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