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France One Step Closer To Legal Same-Sex Marriages

The French Flag

The French Flag

Lesbians and gays in France are a step closer to walking down the aisle legally in France. The French Senate has voted in favor of the first article of the same-sex marriage bill in a vote of 179 to 157. The first article of the bill removes all gender references from marriage applications and was approved by the National Assembly back on 2 February.

Now the French Senate has to vote on all the amendments put into the bill by opponents to marriage equality in order to slow the bill down to a crawl as if they could manage to stop the bill by making it take a long time to vote on. In total, opponents added 5,000 amendments that have to be vote on. It took the National Assembly ten days to vote on all of them.

Opponents of the bill are largely backed by the Conservative religious factions in the nation. These groups perpetuate the same misinformation that comes from the United States religious conservatives about how same-sex marriage will hurt children even though that has been proven false. Among the groups trying to sabotage the bill is the Roman Catholic Church.

Marches in favor of same-sex marriage have drawn larger crowds and after one, the openly gay mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe stated “There is a big difference between today’s march and the one two weeks ago, which is that this demonstration is one of brotherhood, not of hatred.”

President Francois Hollande has stated he supports the law.

Should France legalize same-sex marriage, they will be the twelfth nation to legalize it across the board. Mexico, Brazil and the United States have partial same-sex marriage in certain areas. The debate over same-sex marriage has been a heated one with the anti-marriage groups often resorting to lies about how same-sex marriage harms children.  Many lesbians and gays in France have dismayed at the vitriol from the anti-gay Right.



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