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Fr. National Assembly President Was Sent Threat & Gunpowder In Letter

The French Flag

The French Flag

The Socialist President of France’s National Assembly, Claude Bartolone, received a threatening letter that was laced with gunpowder. The one page letter includes a warning that states “You wanted war, and you’ve got it.”

The letter signed “Interaction des forces de l’ordre” also stated that “our methods are more radical and more swift than protests,” and that “allowing marriage for all would be the same as destroying all marriages.”

They went on to say “If you were to carry on regardless, your political family will have to suffer physically.”

The letters are now part of an anti-terrorism investigation in addition to letters which were sent to Socialist MP’s Sylvaine Bulteau and Hugues Fourage which threatened to kidnap or kill them or those they loved.

French President Francois Hollande warned that any anti-gay violence would be punished. He stated that “I cannot accept homophobic acts and violence against property in the midst of protests or any defiance of law enforcement officials.”

He also said “Procedures must be respected, sensibilities must be respected, and everyone must be heard. . .But the law and parliament also need to be respected.” He made the statements after Frigide Barjot, the leader of the anti-gay Manif Pour Tous group, stated “Hollande wants blood, and he will get it.”

Tensions have been running high in France since the process to allow same-sex marriages began. There have been several protests for and against the measure, which is suppose to be voted on later this week for final passage.

French anti-gay groups have gotten more violent in their rhetoric as final passage has come closer. Anti-gay politicians have done what they could in order to try and slow down or delay the legislation for as long as possible even going so far as to put some 5,000 amendments on the bill in order to slow passage to a crawl.

Support for same-sex marriage, however, does enjoy majority support in France.



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