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GOP Fundraisers: Appearing To Support Marriage Equality = More Money

GOP_Logo1_svgFile this one under “when Hell freezes over”. The National Republican Senatorial Committee is roughly $10 million in debt with only about $5 million in the bank, but some of their fundraisers think that changing their attitude towards marriage equality could lead to new money coming in.

The GOP fundraisers point to the recent declaration of support for same-sex marriage by Senator Rob Portman as a possible way to unlock some of the big money in places like New York, Florida and California. GOP strategist Aaoron McLear told Politico that “Republicans’ intolerance to marriage equality has been detrimental to winning. Big donors understand that they don’t want to invest in campaigns focused on a losing issue. I think certainly the fiscal issues for Republicans are much more marketable.”

American Unity PAC’s Jeff Cook-McCormac
feels that his organization will be a game changer in 2014 and stated that “As more and more true conservatives come out in support of the freedom to marry, it gives us a lot more opportunity to play a role and make a difference in races.”

Unfortunately for American Unity PAC and the NRSC, the change in how things operate is not going to be happening very quickly. Unless the national party changes their entire platform, and eliminates the Tea Party and Evangelicals from within the Party itself, it is unlikely that the GOP is going to be able to do much more than hang around and hope for the best.

The Republican Party is facing two fold problem and changing the message is not going to help. First of all, the GOP is clinging to its past failed policies which have become increasingly more unpopular as time has gone along. Secondly, people are no longer buying the rhetoric meant to hide the unpopular and failed policies.

Until the GOP changes its policies on a lot of things, and if necessary purges the extreme Right from their Party, their position to win elections is going to become more and more tenuous.



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