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GOP Outreach Obliteration: Sen Paul’s Howard U Debacle

Senator Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore

Senator Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore

Republicans are struggling to actually figure out why they are having trouble with minorities. Everyone keeps trying to tell them why they are doing abysmally with minorities, but the GOP doesn’t seem to actually hear that. While Doctor Ben Carson might be willing to ignore the rampant racism inherent in the GOP, not everyone is.

Of course, Carson didn’t help the GOP outreach for gays.

Senator Rand Paul tried to repair some of the damage that the last fifty years or so of GOP history has done to the GOP relationship with the Black Community. He gave a speech at Howard University where he…well…apparently lied about several things. As Dr. Rachel Maddow, PhD, noted, Senator Paul lied about a particular interview and what’s more “I remember [the interview] because it’s the last time [Paul] ever spoke to me.”

Dr. Maddow later noted that “Rand Paul saying at Howard University today that he never questioned the Civil Rights Act is not true. And it’s not true on tape … It’s one thing to have a sketchy record on racial discrimination you don’t want to defend, it’s another to think you can get away with flat-out lying about it. If you’re a U.S. senator, you’re Googleable! And people are going to google you so they will know it when you lie to their faces.”

Oh, but it does not end there. Jon Stewart took on the whole thing on his show as well. Stewart noted that it is impossible for the GOP to ‘yadda, yadda, yadda,” the last fifty years of history, and Larry Willmore noted that this is pretty much why the Black Community has turned their back on the GOP. In fact, Willmore noted that the first thing that the GOP needs to do is, well, admit that the racism that is rampant in the GOP is not accidental, but deliberate.

They should do the same with the homophobia in there too.

Here are the clips:

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