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Jason Collins Opens Up About Coming Out While The AFA Panics

SI Jason CollinsJason Collins has officially been asked to lead Boston’s pride parade this summer, and he has given his first interview since coming out of the closet as well. Among the things that Collins noted in his interview with Sports Illustrated is that he wanted to march in the Boston Pride Parade this year. He also noted that he wanted to do so for ages, but was too scared.

Well, now, the reps for the parade have talked to TMZ and said “Boston Pride is formally inviting Jason Collins to be a Marshal in the 2013 Boston Pride Parade … Boston Pride is proud that our annual celebration helped to inspire Jason Collins to make his groundbreaking decision to come out.”

Meanwhile, he opened up to ABC News:

In the interview with George Stephanopoulos, Collins notes that “I never set out to be the first. . .You’re sort of waiting around for somebody else to, you know, raise their hand. I’m ready to raise my hand but, you know, you still look around like, ‘OK, come on, guys.’”

Still, his decision was a momentous one for everyone involved, and his decision to come out certainly resulted in some unusual things for him. He stated that “It’s incredible. You’re just trying to live an honest, genuine life and the next thing you know you have the president calling you. He was incredibly supportive and he was proud of me, said this not only affected my life but others going forward.”

Indeed, President Barack Obama, a fan of basketball, did call Collins. He also got support from Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. He also got some less than supportive comments directed at him. Beyond the outright mean ones, there were a few just heteronormative ones like Miami Dolphins’ Mike Wallace who wondered why, with all the beautiful women in the world, men would want to be with men. This has brought about the occasional comment about how some of us just can’t get why women would be attracted to men.

Really, it is baffling to some of us lesbians out there.

Not surprisingly, the American Family Association was adamant about attacking Collins, claiming that he’s going to be sexually harassing his fellow team mates in the showers. Bryan Fischer even tried to claim that

“I will guarantee that the ownership that is thinking about bringing him back or thinking about trading for him and they go to the players on that team and they say, ‘How do you feel about an out active homosexual being in the same locker room, sharing the same shower facilities with you?’”

“They’d say, ‘No way. I don’t want that. I do not want some guy, a teammate, eyeballing me in the shower and my wife does not want that.’”

Ahem…of course, Collins noted that “From my teammates, I’m expecting support because that’s what I would do for my teammates. A team is like a family. The NBA is like a brotherhood. I’m looking at it that we’ll all support each other on and off the court.”

A team would be lucky to have Collins on it, especially given how lucrative it could turn out to be right now.



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