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Kim Jong Un Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal (In SNL Skit)

North Korean President Kim Jong Un and date at July 6 concert by Moranbong Band

North Korean President Kim Jong Un and date at July 6 concert by Moranbong Band

I find that certain comedies can’t quite manage the joke. For instance, this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” did a less than spectacular job with a joke about “Kim Jong Un” (played by Bobby Moynihan) legalizing same-sex marriage in North Korea.

Part of the problem is that it sounded rather forced. Ok, the joke goes- “Kim Jong Un” declares that he has ordered the reopening of a nuclear facility followed by making same-sex marriage legal, followed by revelations that “Kim”’s nephew is gay followed by news that he executed his nephew and then a two minute spiel about how “Kim” isn’t gay.

The problem with the ‘joke’ is that it just goes on way too long. Sometimes the best thing to do with a joke is make it very short, especially if it is something that is very expected.

The joke could have been better if “Kim” had gone on a spiel about how this was guaranteed to lead to war with the US…after all, the US is this horrible entity that hates everyone who disagrees with them- oh and I’m not gay- they just hate everyone out there- btw, did I mention I’m not gay- the streets are paved with homophobia in the US- btw, that guy you saw me with last night, that was totally platonic- just look at some of their politicians and celebrities like Jeremy Irons- not that *I* look at him that often- they’re so worried about it leading to incest- yes, I know he’s British, same difference!-

And so forth…honestly, it’s like SNL is phoning it in.  I needed a bit of Mel Brooks to remind me of what funny can be.



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