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Marriage Equality In Latin America- How Will Pope Francis Respond?

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I will get a chance to show to the LGBT people of the world just how he will handle the move towards same-sex marriage throughout the world as Uruguay and Colombia move to vote on marriage equality bills. Uruguay is expected to pass their legislation on 2 April. It was overwhelmingly passed by the House of Deputies this past December and is backed by the ruling party.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church in Uruguay is using the same apocalyptic language that was used by Pope Francis back when he was Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Monsignor Jaime Fuentes, Bishop of Minas, even quoted a letter that then-Cardinal Begoglio write saying “Let’s not be naive: This is not a simple political fight; it is a destructive proposal to God’s plan. This is not a mere legislative proposal (that’s just it’s form), but a move by the father of lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.”

Unfortunately, Argentines turned their backs on the Catholic Church in the wake of that battle largely due to now-Pope Francis’ language. The majority of Uruguayans support marriage equality, but Fuentes continues with his fear mongering claiming that the passage of marriage equality is part of a war against the family and that so much worse will soon come. He wrote that “The government approved the murder of children in their mothers’ wombs; now, it is changing the nature of marriage. Soon after will come laws in favor of euthanasia and also eugenics, of course… Is this the social progress that Uruguayans want?”

In Colombia, the Church has been quieter, but it is also likely that same-sex marriage is not likely to pass either chamber in the legislature despite the fact that the nation’s courts told the legislature to pass a bill granting marriage rights to same-sex couples even if they are not called marriage.

While Archbishop of Buenos Aries, Pope Francis tried to push civil unions as an alternative to the same-sex marriage, but was overridden by the bishops under his command, so he may have been forced into a situation where he had to be belligerent about it.



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