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Michael Reagan Said Hateful Things In Order To Get On TV

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the adopted son of the late Ronald Reagan, wrote an op-ed in which he claimed that legalizing same-sex marriage would lead to the legalization of polygamy, bestiality and murder. Apparently, Reagan later tweeted that he apologized for including murder claiming that he could not remember including that.

Oh, and he continued on with his statements about polygamy claiming that bisexual people are incapable of monogamy. Of course, legally speaking, there is no real reason to ban polyamory in any form.

However, the real motive for his decision to be so homophobic apparently has to do with his desire to be famous and get on television. He told Piers Morgan “I pay attention to what’s being said in courtrooms. These are the questions being asked of those people fighting for gay marriage. So, why aren’t you upset with everybody else? Why are you only upset with me? If I don’t mention those things also, to tell you the truth, you don’t invite me on.

For anyone who actually is surprised by Reagan’s words, think on this, people like Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and a large number of others who promote anti-gay agendas often make a lot of money. Admittedly, there are some on the pro-gay side who do the same.

Still, it makes sense that Michael Reagan would want to get on television, and do it in this manner since he was largely being ignored by the media as he tried to flog his father’s legacy. It is also not surprising that he would decide to use hate to get on television given that his brother, Ronnie Reagan, is a regular fixture on MSNBC where he comments on many issues. The two brothers are, though, largely estranged given that the two are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.



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