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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Rallies For Marriage Equality

Gov. Mark Dayton

Gov. Mark Dayton

Governor Mark Dayton has made his case that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry in Minnesota. Standing in the frigid cold at the Capitol, Dayton stated “Yes to marriage, yes to same-sex marriage, yes to the constitutional right, the American right, to marry the person you love.”

The Democratic-Farmer-Labor-controlled Legislature is close to voting on a measure that would make the state the tenth state to grant same-sex couples legal equality. They are considering this measure as the US Supreme Court weighs two cases dealing with the issue.

Dayton has dismissed the attempts to “compromise” with the opponents of marriage equality stating “People don’t want to be civil unioned, they want to be married.”

Still, it is not clear how this will end. Neither side is willing to declare victory, and both sides are frantically meeting with legislators. They are also holding rallies.

Ken Martin, chair of the Minnesota DFL Party, stated that passing marriage equality is crucial to energizing their base. He stated “I absolutely think our base would feel disillusioned we didn’t move on full marriage equality this year.”

Representative Tim Faust, the DFL rep from Hinkley, is being watched closely given that he comes from a rural area that voted to ban same-sex marriage in the state’s Constitution last year. He is leaning towards voting yes even though his constituents disagree.

He stated “Then the question becomes, do we have the right to impose our religious belief on others? If the reason we are arguing we shouldn’t be doing this is because of religious beliefs, it’s pretty hard to make that argument.”



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