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NOM Sticks Tongue Out At 4th Grader’s Pro-Equality Argument

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The NOM Logo

The National Organization for Marriage has been having a no-good-very-bad week lately, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better this week. NOM has taken to trying to get into a “nuh uh” pout fest with a fourth grader!

NOM’s arguments have gotten very little traction in paces like Rhode Island, and support for marriage equality is at an all-time high in Minnesota, and then there is the argument from the fourth grader who wrote:

Why gay people should be able to get married is you can’t stop two adult’s from getting married because there grown and it doesn’t matter if it creeps you out just get over it. And you should be happy for them because it’s a big momment in their life. When I went to my grandparents wedding it was the happies momment [sic].

As you can see gay people should have the right to get married and you shouldn’t judge other peoples lives because if you was gay you wouldn’t want people talking about you.

NOM decided to attack this argument by claiming that “we’re not interested in arguing with a fourth-grader,” and then going on to attack those promoting the argument by saying “Proof again that the activists pushing same-sex marriage aren’t interested in reasoned debate and argument: just silencing the other side. A tactic fitting maybe for a schoolyard, but not the public square.”

This is rather interesting, actually. NOM loves to stop anyone from commenting on their site by not allowing their comments through. That is, of course, their right, but they do not want an actual debate on the matter. Instead they enjoy promoting anti-gay propaganda that has been proven to be incorrect repeatedly.

They certainly do not grasp that banning same-sex marriage stops gay couples from having children, relationships, and so forth. In fact, it doesn’t seem like the attempts to ban same-sex marriage or gay relationships or punish LGBT people actually work now do they?

However, if NOM ever actually comes up with an actual argument based upon unaltered facts, we’ll be sure to listen and take it under consideration.



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