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Patti Davis Claims Nancy Reagan Supports Marriage Equality

Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama

Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama

Take this for what it is, second hand information. According to Patti Davis, her mother is a supporter of same-sex marriage. Her mother, Nancy Reagan, however, has not said anything about it. Of course, Davis has also said that her father, the late Ronald Reagan, would have supported marriage equality. Her brother Michael Reagan would disagree, but her other brother Ronnie Reagan would probably agree.

Davis appeared on Michelangelo Signorile’s Sirius OutQ radio show and when asked about her possible support for marriage equality, Davis said “She does. I’m hesitant to speak for anyone else, and she’s not comfortable going out in the public eye and getting in the firing line of anything. So, you know, I want to be cautious about speaking on someone else’s behalf. But let me put it this way: I think if she had disagreed with what I said publicly about my father she would have said something publicly. … Let’s just put it that way. That’s the most sort of politically correct way I can answer that question.”

Davis and her brother Ronnie Reagan are both very liberal and supporters of LGBT rights. Their half-brother Michael is an ultraconservative and LGBT rights opponent. One thing that Michael Reagan can definitely count on regarding his late father’s position on marriage equality “It’s easy to say he would do or not do something when he’s not here to answer.”

Of course, Davis noted in the interview that Michael Reagan recently wrote an op-ed opposing marriage equality without saying a word about the late President. Davis said “I thought that was very telling, because he always talks about our father.”

While President, Ronald Reagan courted the support of evangelicals who would go on to be a major wing of the current Republican Party. Currently, the evangelicals and the GOP are at odds over marriage equality.



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