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Pro-Marriage Equality Father Alessio Defrocked

Flag_of_Argentina.svgFather Jose Nicolas Alessio has been defrocked for endorsing same-sex marriage. The process took only a little more than two years. To put this in perspective, it has taken decades to defrock child molesting priests.

Father Alessio spoke out during the debate over same-sex marriage in Argentina. At the time, then-Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio lead the attacks against the legislation. While Pope Francis, has been less vocal about his opposition to marriage equality, the Catholic Church has not shifted from its position on the subject.

Father Alessio served in Cordoba province. Regarding his defrocking, Father Alessio stated “More than 30 years serving God’s people has meant nothing for the Catholic Church. All it took to get thrown out was having an opinion different from that of the archbishop.”

Argentina was the first Latin American nation to recognize same-sex marriage. It has been followed by parts of Mexico and now the entirety of Uruguay. To date, some 6,000 same-sex couples have gotten married in that nation.

During the debate over same-sex marriage, Pope Francis tried to gather support for civil unions as a compromise position. Unfortunately, the bishops under his command refused this, and he ended up having to fight against equality.

Pope Francis’ language during that debate was often derogatory of lesbians and gays, and often pushed the idea that homosexuality was wrong, and that same-sex marriage would be harmful to children. His positions were at odds with not only the people of Argentina, but the scientific evidence regarding homosexuality.

Same-sex marriage is legal in fourteen nations. New Zealand, Uruguay and France have taken up same-sex marriage legislation in recent weeks, and all passed it. Colombia is expected to take up the legislation in the near future, but it is unlikely that it will pass there.

Several US states are taking up marriage equality legislation as well.



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