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Rapper Busta Rhymes Goes On Rant Against Lesbian Business Owner

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes apparently doesn’t like being told to wait in line, but apparently really loves soggy buns. The rapper allegedly went on a hate-filled attack while in Miami Beach whereby he flung homophobic and misogynistic slurs at various employees of Cheeseburger Baby.

Stephanie Vitori, the owner of the restaurant, told The Huffington Post that Busta Rhymes called one server a “fag” and her a “bitch”. Vitori, who happens to be lesbian, stated “It’s degrading. Thirteen years and every celebrity in there, and I’ve never had a problem.”

According to Vitori,
the restaurant was very busy after the South Beach clubs let out and “one of [Rhymes'] crew came in and said, ‘Can you take my order first? We’re very important people.’” One of the employees declined stating “It doesn’t matter [who you are], it’s first come first served.”

Rhymes got his food within ten minutes, but according to Vitori, the rapper got angry after discovering that the condiments were included on the side- a policy that the restaurant follows in order to prevent soggy buns.

At that point, Vitori explained, the rapper then yelled “F*** you, fag! I’m not leaving until I get ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper on my burger,” and he began coming over the counter. “F*** you, bitch.” She then ordered the employees to open the packets and dress Rhymes’ burger so that he would leave.

Rhymes left before the police arrived. Vitori did file a report, and had to call the police back when one of Rhymes’ party called to tell them that the rapper would be returning later. Officers stayed at the restaurant until the staff closed the shop.

Vitori also stated “Over putting ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper on a burger? For real, you can’t open up a mayo and ketchup packet? It’s not right. I’m a gay business owner, and you don’t use that term. It’s degrading.”

Part of the shock from the rapper’s behavior is that he has, in the past, spoken out in support of LGBT artists.



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3 Responses to Rapper Busta Rhymes Goes On Rant Against Lesbian Business Owner

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  3. Christina

    April 4, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Meh, what do you expect from trash like Rhymes?