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Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Inane Faux Lesbian Stunt

lesbiansignI hate slow news cycles. Let us be honest here, most reality television is less based on reality and more based on scripting. Thus, it is not surprising that the Atlanta variation of The Real Housewives franchise would happen to want some lesbian rumors swirling around it out of some misguided belief that these rumors will draw in more viewers.

There are, apparently, rumors that someone named NeNe Leaks and someone else named Cynthia Bailey are lesbian lovers. Of course Bailey responded with “Now me & @NeNeLeakes are lesbians? It won’t take long 4 this BS to fizzle out #entertainitifulike.” Leaks apparently responded “U know that trash keeps a false story.”

This, of course, leaves the rest of us wondering why? Why is such idiocy important? Oh, certainly there are some people who watch the show who might care, but really?

It gets rather tiresome that producers pull this stuff in order to titillate the male audience and draw more viewers. This is a common thing to do, in fact. Start rumors about lesbians in the “cast”, sit back, wait for people to show up…then realize this was a bad idea when no one beats a path to your door.

We have come to the point that the attempts to use this kind of stunts are just not very effective. However, if you enjoy watching train wrecks, by all means, enjoy the show. But let us put an end to these attempts to titillate with faux lesbian rumors. They are quite demeaning in the long run.



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One Response to Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Inane Faux Lesbian Stunt

  1. Pat Carbonell

    April 28, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    I’m pretty sure this had nothing to do with titillating male viewers. The only males I know who watch this franchise are gay, and the only interest they’d have in a lesbian love affair is the carnage. No, I hate to say it, but women who like the franchise are also in it for the bloodshed, and what’s bloodier than a love triangle with two women and a man, and he’s not the one in the middle? Nope, it’s all about vicarious bitchiness – tune in to watch plastic women rip each other to shreds like you wish you could do to that bitch on the next register. Stress relief. Fewer homicides.