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Rights Equal Rights Targeting Amway Cosmetic Lines

Fred Karger courtesy of Wikipedia

Fred Karger courtesy of Wikipedia

Neiman Marcus-owned Saks and Bergdorf Goodman continue to sell the Amway cosmetic brands Laura Mercier and RéVive. Amway is one of the biggest supporters of the virulent anti-gay group National Organization for Marriage, or at least the DeVos family, the owners of Amway have.

It is not surprised that Neiman Marcus’ stores are supporting Amway. They both have abysmal records regarding LGBT rights.

Rights Equal Rights has been pushing a ban of Amway products because of the DeVos support for NOM. The Catholic and Mormon backed organization has been pushing campaigns to hurt LGBT rights, especially marriage rights, since 2008.

Boycotts are tricky things. Typically, they do not work overly well. In fact, they can be downright ineffective; however, Rights Equal Rights, led by former Reagan advisor Fred Karger, has been going after the boycott in a very focused manner.

The two brands that Karger’s organization are targeting are high end cosmetics. According to Karger “We will be doing an advertising campaign to include a video commercial specifically designed to target Laura Mercier and RéVive cosmetic brands, and a Spanish language radio ad to be Amway-specific for the Latin market in the US and around the world.”

The DeVos family has long been associated with anti-gay causes and evangelical groups and people. They have been associated with Tim LaHaye, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, John Ashcroft and Oliver North.



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