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Ruben Diaz Sr Seems Quite Ignorant About Pope Francis’ Positions

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr may want to actually do some reviewing of the position of Pope Francis I regarding same-sex marriage. In fact, the evangelical pastor might want to do a lot more reading up on what happened with Pope Francis. Diaz wrote:

Marriage between same-sex people is another topic that Pope Francis and the Catholic Church strongly reject. The Catholic Church’s teaching and beliefs are found in the Bible, where it says that it was God who created the idea of one man and one woman, and blessed them as a couple. You should also know that it was New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic, who fought tooth and nail to oppose these teachings of the Catholic Church through his bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

Governor Andrew Cuomo used his staff, raised money, called members of the Senate to his office to twist their rubber arms, and coordinate meetings all over the State of New York to confront and oppose the Catholic faith and those that believe that marriage should be between opposite sexes.

There are many other teachings by Pope Francis and the Catholic Church that our beloved Governor and too many Catholic elected officials tend to forget – and then go to church to receive Holy Communion and profess to be practicing Catholics.

What Diaz might want to note is that Pope Francis refused to excommunicate a single member of the Argentine Parliament or government when they passed same-sex marriage. What is more, Pope Francis, as Archbishop, tried to push for civil unions in place of same-sex marriage and only lead the charge against same-sex marriage due to the pressure from the other Bishops and from Pope Benedict XVI.

Simply put, Diaz Sr might want to actually check to see which Pope he is dealing with because he certainly isn’t dealing with Pope Palpatine any more.



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