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The Abbey Gay Club Sued By Two Women Allegedly Raped By Employees

California FlagTwo women- one straight, one lesbian- have filed suit claiming that they were both drugged and raped by employees of The Abbey, a popular place for the LGBT Community in West Hollywood. Also named in the suit is the husband of the straight woman.

According to the lawsuit, which was first reported by TMZ, Joanna Doe (neither woman has been named) was slipped a date rape drug while at the Abbey with two female friends on 14 April 2011. She was then led by Oscar Iraheta to his car because she could not speak, focus and could barely walk. At his car, he raped her, and in the process she sustained severe bruising on her neck.

Yvette Doe was at the Abbey on 7 November with her girlfriend when the two had a fight. While she was at the bar crying, an employee gave her a drink laced with a date rape drug, and then two staffers who have not been identified led her out of the bar area and raped her. Yvette Doe makes note that she had never had sex with a man prior to the rape.

SBE Entertainment Group,
the owners of The Abbey, have made no comment on the assaults. They are, however, facing another suit from a line cook who claims that they did nothing as she was harassed on the job and eventually forced out of her job by the harassment.

Their lawyer, Robert Hirsch, stated that “We suspect that there are other unknown victims and we encourage them to come forward.”

Iraheta was arrested for sexual assault, but never charged in the crime.

The Abbey made headlines when they refused to allow Courtney Stodden to perform at their club. No reason has ever really surfaced over that, though there were several rumors floated at the time.



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