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“The Mouse Problem” Satirized 1960′s Media Treatment Of Gays

Graham Chapman in The Life of Brian

Graham Chapman in The Life of Brian

“The Mouse Problem”….sometimes it is interesting to delve deep into the archives in order to take a look at what was. Back in 1969, Graham Chapman wrote this skit in order to parody the treatment of gays and lesbians in the media. In this case, Chapman took the then absurd idea of people dressed as mice and showed the abusive nature of the media towards gays at the time.

Now, why? Well, besides this being rather funny, this is a bit of LGBT history here. Like it or not, even back then, there were quite a lot of LGBT families out there. Part of why many lesbians and gays may not have been willing to appear on the television shows because of the problems this involves.

In many ways, the tactics that these shows used may have actually been directed towards destroying the fledgling gay rights movement. After all, why talk to someone who has a normal life when they could go after someone who visits the outrageous clubs and has lots of sex.

Still, Chapman was a comic genius, and this is definitely a good one to watch.



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