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The USCCB Issues Open Letter Criticizing Senate For Gun Control Failure

USCCBThe US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) criticized the failure of the attempt to regulate guns and reiterated their oft-used and oft-incorrect “culture of life” claim. They tend to use that as part of their rationale for why abortion and birth control should be illegal.

In a letter that they sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Bishop Stephen E. Blaire stated:

“The USCCB has been working with other faith leaders and organizations urging Congress to support legislation that builds a culture of life by promoting policies that reduce gun violence and save people’s lives in homes and communities throughout our nation. In the wake of tragic events such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, the failure to support even modest regulations on firearms is a failure in moral leadership to promote policies which protect and defend the common good.”

While the USCCB often likes to side with Republicans on social issues, they have been at odds with them on issues such as gun control and funding for programs that feed the poor and take care of the young. While the hierarchy of the Church supports the GOP, many Catholics vote Democratic, and there are several prominent Catholic politicians.

The USCCB have frequently used the phrase “culture of life” as part of their calls for stricter gun laws over the last decade. They have also used this phrase as part of their attacks on marriage equality.

The Republicans recently blocked consideration on stricter gun control laws including stricter background checks. While the measure has more support than kittens among the population, the Republicans still blocked it because of their ties to the gun manufacturing lobby.



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