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Two Women Cause Consternation In Kazakhstan By Getting Married

lesbiansignThe people of Karaganda, Kazakhstan have probably seen just about everything. Well, they may not have seen a six-legged elephant, but that’s beside the point. They did, however, see something rather shocking to them…two women getting married.

The two women were not marrying two men, but rather they were holding a symbolic wedding to each other. The ceremony included flutes of champagne, toasts, white limousines, and the usual trappings.

The wedding between Karolina and Kristina, as the two women were identified as, has no legal standing, of course, since same-sex marriage is not legal in Kazakhstan; however, as people have noted, it is perfectly possible for same-sex couples to hold symbolic spiritual weddings rather than a legal one.

The couple were dressed with one woman in a white dress and the other in a white suit, according to the reports. One report noted that onlookers at a mall where the two women stopped to by some food were not happy with some being “spiteful” and there were “hostile looks from the shoppers, whispering into walkie-talkies by the security guards, surprised looks from the salespeople.”

Apparently, the LGBT Community in Kazakhstan tends to be pretty quiet and under the radar. This is not uncommon in some very traditional and bigoted societies.

Still, the couple are planning to start a family with Kristina explaining “We’ll save some money and there will definitely be children.”



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