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Uruguay’s Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Flag_of_Uruguay.svgAnd Uruguay has joined the nations to approve same-sex marriage. The bill granting the nation’s LGBT citizens equality passed by a vote of 23 to 8. The bill will go to the lower chamber where it will be reconciled with the version from the Senate. President Jose Mujica has promised to sign the bill and same-sex marriage will begin this summer.

Evan Wolfson, the founder and President of Freedom to Marry, stated:

Freedom to Marry applauds the people of Uruguay and their government for moving forward into a future in which all loving and committed couples can share in the freedom to marry and the meaning and protections marriage brings to families. Uruguay’s vote today to move past civil union to marriage itself, Argentina’s enactment of the freedom to marry in 2010 and the Mexico Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling last month in favor of the freedom to marry – citing the U.S Supreme Court cases of Brown v. Board of Education and Loving v. Virginia – all are inspirations and examples decision-makers here in the United States, including our Supreme Court justices, should swiftly follow to get the United States where it needs to be.

Uruguay joins The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, and Denmark in having full marriage equality. Beyond those eleven nations, three others- Brazil, Mexico and the United States- have marriage equality recognition in only parts of the country.

While the Roman Catholic clergy within Uruguay have been vocally opposed to same-sex marriage, the Vatican under Pope Francis I has said little. Pope Francis will be visiting Uruguay on his trip to Latin America in December.



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