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Anti-Gay Activists Turn Violent, Turn Against ‘Leader’ Barjot



Sunday, anti-gay rights protesters took to the streets in violent opposition to a recently passed law granting same-sex couples marriage rights. Police, often in plain clothes, confronted the protesters and even dragged many away under arrest. Tear gas was fired in the area and riot police in full gear and shields did what they could to hold the melee back. It is unclear in anti-gay leader Frijide Barjot was in attendance.

Video from the protests:

The violence erupted even as the anti-gay rights groups began to turn on themselves. Frijide Barjot, the leader of the anti-gay groups fighting to prevent same-sex marriage has, apparently, been getting threats from what she says are the “homophobes on the far right”. She has recieved threatening phone calls and letters. In one letter, there was a red-stained handkerchief. She thinks that the handkerchief was stained with blood.

Barjot has even gone to the police for protection because of the anger and hatred her hate and fear mongering apparently riled up. Apparently, part of the reason why the far right are angry with her stems from the suicide of Dominque Venner. After the ultra-nationalist and xenophobic Catholic shot himself on the altar of Notre Dame Cathedral, Barjot dismissed his actions as ‘deranged’ and ‘un-Catholic’ angering groups like Printemps Francaise.

Unfortunately for Barjot, she stirred the swamp and now has a load of swamp gas on her hands. She used hatred to try and score political points and has ended up becoming the victim of that very same hatred.



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One Response to Anti-Gay Activists Turn Violent, Turn Against ‘Leader’ Barjot

  1. Norman`

    May 29, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    good-hopefully someone will beat her