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Book About Catholic Church’s ‘Gay Cliques’ Pulled From Amazon

Vatican City FlagA controversial book by Father Matthew Despard has been pulled from Amazon’s Kindle store. The book was released a little after it was revealed that Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland was engaged in a relationship with another priest. The book accuses Church leaders of covering up supposedly powerful gay cliques within the Church structure.

The book reached Number 125 out of 1.9 million for digital books available on Amazon. The book was pulled, according to Amazon, because it did not adhere to the guidelines which bars pornography, offensive material, stolen goods and items that infringe upon a person’s privacy.

Father Despard, though, stated that “I noticed it was no longer for sale on Amazon and have been in touch to ask them why. I am awaiting their response and I don’t know anything more about it.”

The book is largely autobiographical. Despard, 48, is a parish priest at St John Ogilvie in Blantyre, Lanarkshire. The book describes how he fended off advances from fellow students and priests, and when he refused the advances, he was verbally abused.

Some within the Catholic Church have indicated that Despard could face legal action over the self published book. One source stated “Father Despard makes allegations about a lot of named people and some of them aren’t prepared to accept their name being tarnished.”



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2 Responses to Book About Catholic Church’s ‘Gay Cliques’ Pulled From Amazon

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  2. P Smith

    May 27, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    When someone in hollyweird writes a “tell all” book, that’s okay? Because they are celebrities who “chose” to have their entire lives on display?

    Priests in the catholic cult chose never to have sex and then claim “moral authority”. There’s nothing wrong with exposing hypocrisy and crime.