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Bug Allows Gay Marriage In Nintendo Life Sim Game

k-bigpicNintendo is trying to take on The Sims, but apparently there is one key difference. Ever since The Sims: Hot Date, same-sex relationships have been possible. In The Sims 2, same-sex couples got civil unions, and by The Sims 3, full-on marriage equality was written into the game. Tomodachi Collection, Nintendo’s take on The Sims, doesn’t have any of that, or at least it is suppose to not be there.  It’s a bug.

Apparently, the newly released Tomodachi Collection: New Life, has a bug that allows male Mii characters to marry each other, but the same bug won’t let female characters to do the same. What’s more, the male characters can get pregnant, have children, and raise them.

Some of the owners of Tomodachi Collection: New Life, at least in Japan, are thrilled with the bugs even posting photos of their gay couples. According to Kotoku “In the images, male Mii characters ask each other to go steady, propose marriage, go on Honeymoons, bathe together, and raise children.”

A Twitter hash tag even surfaced which is a wordplay on Tomokore, which is short for the Japanese name for Tomodachi Collection. That hash tag, homokore or homo collection has allowed lots of players to share their experiences with the game. And yes, ‘homo’ is still a slur even in Japan.

Nintendo apparently plans to patch the bug, but there are, apparently, a lot of people who are only buying the game because of the bug.

Maybe in the patch, they should just go ahead and make same-sex relationships viable in the game. After all, there are a large number of games that have same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage. The lack of same-sex relationships caused a furor for BioWare Austin in their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Those still have not been fully implemented.



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