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Cartoon History Lesson #54: SheZow – The 12 y/o Transvestite Superhero!


This is a very special CHL because it is about a female cartoon character that is MAKING & BREAKING history. SheZow” is a new show coming to The Hub tomorrow, this Saturday (7/1). Why is it breaking Cartoon History (as well as Superhero History)? Well its about a 12 y/o boy named Guy (how creative!) who gets turned into a superhero (how original!) when he puts on a ring (…Um, …Green Lantern?) and says his catchphrase (So…he’s Green Lantern…?).

The catch is that the ring also changes his gender to make him into SheZow, a 12 y/o female superhero (whether he likes it or not).

(Watch out for flying brains as homophobic heads shall begin to explode around you.)

As for the rest of us, … Let’s get to know her, shall we?


From Wikipedia:

Shezow is an Australian-Canadian animated television series created by Obie Scott Wade, which began airing on Network Ten on 15 December 2012, and will run for 26 episodes. Aimed at kids 6-11 years-old, the series is produced by Moody Street Kids and Kickstart Productions. It is distributed by DHX Media, funded in part by Film Victoria and was designed by Australian artist Kyla May.

A boy named Guy.

A boy named Guy.

The series’ protagonist, a 12 year old boy named Guy Hamdon, discovers the superheroine Shezow’s power ring and puts it on. While the power ring does grant him super powers, it was only meant to be worn by a woman. Guy takes on the appearance of a female super hero and with the help of his sister, Kelly, and best friend, Maz, he protects the city of Megadale from supervillains and criminals.

In the United States, it will be added to the lineup of The Hub on June 1, 2013.

From IMDB:


Decisions, decisions…

Twelve year old, Guy Hamdon accidentally becomes a superhero, but the ring that gives him his powers was only meant to be worn by a woman. So whenever there’s danger, Guy transforms into SheZow, a kick-ass female superhero with big hair, high heels and a “bea-utility” belt that houses various super weapons concealed inside feminine products like laser lipstick and vanishing cream. Guy’s aunt Agnes was secretly SheZow for years, until she died. Then Guy’s family inherited her home. In the basement, Guy found her secret lair and her power ring. Well, actually his twin sister Kelly found the ring and was about to put it on, when Guy snatched it from her and and put it on, as a joke. But once on Guy’s finger, the ring was stuck and he will forever be SheZow, a powerful superhero with super strength, super speed and a 6th sense called “She-S-P”. Guy would rather not wear pink spandex and a tight skirt, but it seems a small price to pay for such she-mendous super powers.

shezow29f-1-webYeah, not much info on the new girl, but I do have some links to the articles about the responses to her already. Personally I think people should have time to watch the show before forming opinions about a character in it.

Quite a stir for a lil’ lady in awesome Go-Go boots. I may just have to tune in and see what the “Hub”-bub is all about. ;D Maybe we just might have some recaps for you in the future.



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One Response to Cartoon History Lesson #54: SheZow – The 12 y/o Transvestite Superhero!

  1. P Smith

    June 5, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    Gender swapping hero/ines have already been done with “Ranma 1/2″ and “Futaba-kun Change”, and probably done better, but it might be worth a look.