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Collins’ Coming Out Given The Daily Show Treatment

The Rogue's Gallery of horrible people gays now have to associate with.

The Rogues Gallery of horrible people gays now have to associate with.

Jason Collins got The Daily Show treatment last night…and Jon Stewart made a very good point about how Collins has to associate with some really seedy people. Stewart listed quite a number of interesting people and then asked why gays would want to hang out with these f***ing people.

The fact that Collins came out as gay has upset many in the Religious Right, but there is something to what Stewart said. Among those whom he listed were adulterers…namely Tiger Woods. Does anyone remember Bryan Fischer going ape poo over Woods’ affairs? He also mentioned Michael Vick’s dog fighting rings, which did not seem to upset Tony Perkins.

In fact, has anyone bothered to notice that Collins caused more furor among the anti-gay Right than the guys who beat their relatives, sent photos of their dicks to coworkers, and the like?

It’s like it’s alright to be horrible people if you’re gay, but no matter how nice you are as a peron, if you’re gay you’re a monster? I’m sure somewhere we can find a person among all those sports legends who had sex with a close blood relative who wouldn’t cause as much anger and upset among the Religious Right than Collins has by coming out.

So, Jon Stewart is correct on this front. Collins is slumming it to have to associate with some of these schmucks.

I’m not sure about the rest of the clip, but Jason Jones always looks good when he’s gay’ed out. Alas, we never did get Robert Downey Jr’s opinion regarding Collins’ coming out…nor of rumors that Tony Stark is actually gay…(ok, that one’s a bit of a joke guys)

So, here is the clip from last night’s Daily Show regarding Collins’ coming out.



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One Response to Collins’ Coming Out Given The Daily Show Treatment

  1. P Smith

    May 1, 2013 at 10:37 am

    I’m copying and pasting my own comment made elsewhere, an answer to an idiot who inferred that all gays are criminals:


    Collins has zero arrests and zero incidents away from the court, a spotless record. Meanwhile, dozens of current and former NBA players who are heterosexual have been involved in crimes. That includes heterosexual “Fast Eddie” Johnson who raped an eight year old girl.

    Every career athlete – in ANY sport – who is also a career criminal, is a heterosexual. Heterosexual Ben Roethlisberger may not have been convicted of raping two women, but everyone knows he did it, just everyone knows heterosexual OJ Simpson murdered his wife (i.e. he’s straight too). Heterosexual Rae Carruth murdered his pregnant girlfriend, and there are plenty of other similar violent crimes all committed by straights.

    Of the dozens of former pro athletes who have said they are gay, only one (Justin Fashanu) had legal issues and it turned out he was falsely accused.