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COMIC REVIEW: Archie Meets Glee #642: Pt 2. Parallel Lives


In Archie Meets Glee Pt. 2 Dilton tries to explain to the miss-matched group in Lima, Ohio, what has happened to them. He explains that because of an accident, their two groups were jumbled together and spat out in the wrong universes. The problem is to fix this mix-up, it may take MONTHS?!! Yup, months.

The catch? NO ONE is permitted to “disrupt the balance between” the two universes. And What exactly does that mean? Dilton explains that until things get “untangled” that the group should make as few ripples as possible, preventing a “Butterfly effect”. During this explanation in the “Glee-verse”, Brittany tries to explain the exact same thing to the group in Riverdale, with much less eloquence.

With them stuck in mixed universes, Puckerman decides to make moves on Betty, Kevin & Blaine are both relieved that they are gay, and Rachel throws a temper tantrum because she’s not getting what she wants; i.e. Regionals rehearsal, random bursting into song, lack of Finn.



Just then two of the Riverdale jocks, Chuck and Moose, come in with an explanation.

Moose and I were playing football. Our ball crashed into Dilton’s lab. Based on the busted-up machine we found there, I think we’re dealing with a parallel universe kind of situation here.

At this point Chuck makes comic book reference and then tells people to Google it (“…since Barry Allen met Jay Garrick!”) Chuck goes on to explain that based on every “multiple Earth story he’s ever read”, they can assume that things are the same on Dilton’s side of the universes; i.e. The Butterfly Effect. So now both groups have been warned not to make ripples.


Chuck decides to introduce the Riverdale group to Mr. Weatherby and sign them up for classes while they are there. Archie asks Rachel to audition for The Archies. Rachel impresses Archie and Kevin, until Blaine auditions too. Kevin’s in love, until Kurt is mentioned. Ah well….Mercedes then auditions and brings Kevin to tears.

Impressed by their new secret weapons, The Archies are unaware that the Josie and the Pussycats’ manager is spying on them. He’s called the girls into his office to inform them that they will be crushed at the Battle of the Bands with The Archies new singers, but he wants Mercedes for the Pussycats’ world tour launch.

Jughead meets Coach Sue

Jughead meets Coach Sue

Back at McKinley Jughead has had the unfortunate experience of encountering Coach Sue and she wants his crown removed. Sue doesn’t believe that his real name is Jughead Jones and this infuriates her. Artie anbd Dilton overhear this screaming fit from Sue and Dilton realizes that if Jughead removes his crown, that would be a ripple that may change things. He runs to help and tries to explain the situation to Sue, only to have Jughead sneak away while she is distracted.

archie642aArtie and Dilton go back to work on the Teleporter Porter and while talking they realize that the biggest concern to their universes is if anyone in the groups decides to kiss someone from the wrong group; i.e. Veronica kisses Finn or Puckerman kisses Betty. EEK! The two-some manages to stop Finn’s kiss with Veronica, but will they get to Betty and Puck in time to prevent a disaster?

Check in for part 3 later to find out.



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