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Gender Is Under Attack!…Delaware Family Policy Council Prez Says

Theis' Worst Nightmare- RuPaul routinely bends gender norms.

Theis’ Worst Nightmare- RuPaul routinely bends gender norms.

The Delaware Family Policy Council is very upset with the passage of marriage equality. Of course, the reason why they are upset has a lot to do with their complete and total lack of understanding of, well, anything involved with gender.

You see, if you strip the constructs from gender there is not much left. In fact, it is pretty difficult to define gender without the constructs. But that doesn’t stop Nicole Theis from being scared about shifts in gender constructs.

Theis is the presiden tof the DFPC, and is terrified that changing the “definition of marriage” will change gender and is an attack on gender. She stated “It won’t stop here. Making marriage genderless changes the way government views parents. You can expect all government’s forms to reflect this. You can also expect further attacks on gender, probably even this session.”

She is also not happy with the idea of nondiscrimination laws being extended to transsexual and transgender individuals.

In many ways, what is going on is a decoupling of gender from sex. Several cultures have had that over the last several millennia, including the Native Americans. For some, this is scary because it undermines the gender constructs and gender expressions that they grew up with.

What this blurring of gender lines means that men who are not as masculine as the gender norms dictate will not feel bad, and the women who are not as feminine as the gender norms demand will not feel bad either. In many ways, this is healthier for society since those who do not fit into the rigid gender constructs are likely to be happier and healthier.

But this is scary for Theis. After all, she wants to be able to force everyone to be just like her.



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