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Gay Rights Activist Finds Out Just What Anti-Gay Activists Think

Gay_signHave you ever just wanted to tell Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, or any one of those anti-gay people to cut the malarky and just tell it like it is? Well, Jeremy Hooper at Good As You got to find out just how they really feel thanks to, oddly enough, Alan Chambers.

For many of those leaving the ex-gay groups behind, the feeling must be one of betrayal and pain given that they were told that, if they followed the treatments offered by the ex-gay movement, they would be cured of their unwanted attractions. In the end, men like Chambers found out that this was not to be.

Chambers is still the head of the ex-gay group Exodus International, which has pretty much stopped claiming that they can cure homosexuality. And Chambers has become concerned about just how toxic the real thoughts are of the anti-gay activists. So much so, in fact, that he added Hooper’s name to a email list that holds more than 70 anti-gay activsts.

Hooper printed some of the emails. For instance, Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute said “Jeremy, Your utter rebellion against your creator, and your efforts to encourage others to join in your rebellion are sins and crimes of the highest order. . .If you call yourself a Christian, you are twice the son of Hell. [...] Repent Jeremy, you have perverted God’s straight ways! Repent or you shall receive the penalty due. Repent or face the judgment for the little ones you lead into your sin!”

Robert Gagnon was a lot stronger insisting that “Jesus Christ provides hope for transformation to broken sexual sinners.” Gagnon is the head of Restored Hope Network, which is a splinter group from Exodus International.

Gagnon also stated:

Bestiality is an even more unnatural form of sexual practice since it is cross-species. Adult-consensual incest is also a particularly perverse form of sexual practice since it involves sex with someone who is too much of a familial same. But Scripture treats homosexual practice as even more severely unnatural because the male-female requirement for sexual relations is foundational for all that follows (so Genesis and Jesus) and because sex or gender is a more constituent feature of sexual behavior than kinship. [...]

So, technically, those who willfully engage in unrepentant homosexual practice could be labelled “perverts.”

I also believe (ant this is just basic common sense) that having homosexual males as boy scout leaders is as stupid as having heterosexual males as girl scout leaders. It is a recipe for sexual abuse.

While the anti-gay activsts claim that there is a cause about equality, it appears that theirs is more about pure hatred. Then again, anyone who knows how to read between the lines of the stuff these men push could have known that. In truth, theirs is a campaign pushing hatred of others so as to ensure their own superior status in the world because they have such low self esteem that they need to put others down in order to feel better.



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2 Responses to Gay Rights Activist Finds Out Just What Anti-Gay Activists Think

  1. billy Wingartenson

    May 4, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Low se3lf westeem is common among gay people who are often denomized by not just churches but therr own parents

    example – asked a gay 24 year old if he was sucidal.

    His responsse – ” I wouldnt give my catholic parents the pleasure of seeing me dead.

    thats how the church of endless hdden molestaton by its sex starved priests supports the “dignity of every HUMAN person”

    I guess htey dont consider gays human. the church sure didnt consider Jews as human, demonized them for a milenia. Led to the holocaust etc, which also included 50,000 gays

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