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George Takei Talks About How To Deal With Anti-Marriage Equality People

Gays Beware with Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Oh my…George Takei- person, Trekkie, bow tie enthusiast- recorded a public service announcement for Funny or Die in which he discusses how to deal with someone who opposes marriage equality. It is important, Takei notes, to treat him or her with sensitivity and restraint.

He notes that many of those opposed to marriage equality do not care if opposite-sex couples just met in a drunken trip to Las Vegas, or on a reality TV show.

The clip includes Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Brad Goreski.

Of course, George, who is best known for his role as Captain Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, recommends engaging these folks in reparative therapy like taking in a Broadway show, buying them a bow tie (because bow ties are cool), or just meeting a gay person.

After all, what could happen?

Well, this:


Yes, that is The Doctor kissing Rory.  The script did not call for The Doctor to kiss Rory, but Matt Smith just likes kissing people.  Indeed, The Doctor loves his bow ties.

And yes, indeed, as George Takei says at the end of this PSA- these people probably don’t realize that they’re being assholes.



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