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Helen Mirren Vs. The Very Rude LGBT Parade

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

Let us be honest here, Dame Helen Mirren had it right when she chewed out a bunch of drummers who were so loud that they could be heard inside the Gielgud Theatre where she was portraying Queen Elizabeth II. The incident occurred in London’s Soho district.

Mirren has said that she was a bit harsh on the group, who were staging a parade in Soho to promote the As One In The Park gay rights festival, but it seems very rude of the group that they were causing a disturbance.

Mirren made a lot of the publicity surrounding the incident, though. She has promoted the event by sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with the event’s name, venue and date and the words “Yes please, just not outside the theatre.”

Of course, it must have been quite a site to see Mirren, dressed as Queen Elizabeth II in pearls and tiara screaming at the troupe to shut up or, apparently, at least move away from the theater.

Mirren stated about the incident
“I was so upset from struggling through the scene with Paul that I literally walked straight off stage, straight up the stairs and straight out the stage door and banged my way through the crowd who were watching and said ‘stop, you’ve got to stop right now’ only I might have used stronger language than that. They were very sweet and stopped the minute they knew I wasn’t just a batty old woman haranguing them on the streets of Soho on a Saturday night.”

Mirren is currently appearing in The Audience, a play about the Queen’s private weekly meetings with various prime ministers at Buckingham Palace.

The performance troupe and crowd of about 200 stopped outside a bar to perform a drum crescendo and were not aware that they were drowning out the performance inside.



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