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Jerry Sandusky Invoked In Fight Over Ex-Gay Therapy Ban In New Jersey

Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky

Some want to call it the “Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act”, and by some, we mean the anti-gay activists who are dedicated to making sure that any efforts to ban ex-gay or conversion therapy be stopped.

Ex-gay therapy, also known as conversion therapy or reparative therapy, is a set of therapies which supposedly can cure or diminish a person’s attraction to members of the same sex. The therapies are typically based on sexuality stereotypes such as the belief that gays are more feminine than straights.

Opponents of the ban are trying to rebrand the effort in order to diminish the chances in New Jersey of passage. New Jersey’s legislation would prevent licensed therapists from using the therapy to “cure” gay or lesbian children and make them straight.

Greg Quinlan and John Tomicki,
the men behind the vilely named “Citizens Against The Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act”, feel that the legislation “threatens to further harm victims of sexual abuse from Pedophiles such as Jerry Sandusky, who seek to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions with the help of licensed mental health providers.”

Of course, this is incorrect since psychologists and psychiatrists are fully capable of healing the victims of child sexual abuse without resorting to ex-gay therapy, which has been thoroughly debunked by the American Psychological Association, and is considered to be dangerous and destructive.

Additionally, two prominent proponents of ex-gay therapy- Alan Chambers and John Paulk, have both revealed that ex-gay therapy was not effective on either of them. Chambers has not come out officially as gay, but Paulk has.

Tomicki, who is also the executive director of the League of American Families, claims to have major new information relating to certain testimony that he claims is inaccurate, but he cannot say yet who gave the inaccurate testimony or what it was. He also refuses to explain why he is invoking a child molester in defending ex-gay therapy.

Timothy Eustace, the New Jersey assemblyman who authored the bill, noted to the Huffington Post that the APA and the World Health Organization have stated emphatically that ex-gay therapy is ineffective and potentially harmful. When asked about the connection between Jerry Sandusky and the bill, Eustace was at a loss saying “Wow. I don’t understand the connection between pederasty and parents abusing their children.”



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