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Minnesota One Step Closer As Marriage Equality Passes House

Flag_of_Minnesota.svgIt was a day filled with the usual testimony. There were explanations about the benefits of allowing same-sex couples to marry from the Left, and fear mongering about a genderless society from the Right. Apparently, the Right believes that, if same-sex marriage passes, it will result in the magical disappearance of everyone’s genitalia.

The final vote was 75 yes, 59 no. Minnesota is now one step closer to passing same-sex marriage. The Senate will take up the bill on Monday, and Governor Mark Dayton has vowed to sign it if it passed the Senate. It is looking good, though.

By and large, the testimony was typical. No one made any out of the ordinary explanations or came up with any really new arguments during the debate. But it was the way of government for them to debate a measure even if they already know what they are going to vote in the end.

Should Minnesota pass same-sex marriage into law, it would be the twelfth state to pass marriage equality into law, and the thirteenth jurisdiction. Essentially, the United States would then stand at the quarter-way mark to having marriage equality passed across the country.

This bill included a slight new provision in that it clarified that the bill governed just civil marriage and not religious marriage.

There were, obviously, some Republicans who supported the bill given that the House is split between the parties 73 to 61. It is expected that the bill will pass in the Senate and be signed into law by Governor Dayton in the near future.

It should be expected that there will be outrage out of the Conservatives who had been protesting to delay or stop this from moving forward, and expect the usual vow out of groups like the National Organization for Marriage that they will try to take down all of the people who passed this in order to try and get it repealed in the near future, something that they haven’t been able to anywhere.



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