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NC Anti-Gay Legislative Aide: Gay Rights Not Civil Rights

North_Carolina_state_sealIt is difficult for the anti-gay activists to ever actually grasp that they are, well, showing just how horrific they really come off. For constituents in the district of S.E. “Buck” Newton, that horrible reality came in the guise of Carol Wilson, one of Newton’s aides.

Wilson, in a conversation with Rosemarie Walston, a mother who lost her son, claimed that the young man was tormented by the devil and that LGBT equality is not a civil rights issue. Anti-gay activists and people like to claim that based upon the idea that homosexuality is a behavior forgetting that religion is a behavior.

Wilson, speaking to Walston about a non-discrimination bill, stated “This is special legislation for special groups. They [state lawmakers] have power to pass laws, but they don’t pass morality. They can’t choose morality. I don’t think it’s civil rights, because you’re not black.”

Forgetting the research that shows that homosexuality is innate and inborn, many religions differ on what qualifies as moral (including about being lesbian or gay), and US laws are not suppose to be based upon morality, but upon a reasoned debate over whether or not a law restricts a person’s rights to life, liberty and property.

Walston attended a lobbying meeting on 16 April where she explained her personal story about her son’s life and death at the behest of Equality North Carolina. Regarding the death of Walson’s son, Wilson stated “You did the best you knew how. You cannot blame yourself. … If my child told me he or she [was gay] … I would love my child, but I could still love my child but not condone the lifestyle.”

Wilson also preached at Walston saying “Seriously, the enemy does the same thing to you and to me that he did to your son. He wants to throw our guilt and our shame and our faults in our face. That is the devil. If you believe in God you have to believe there is a devil and the devil does do that. He’s the one that torments us all. He doesn’t just torment just one person.”

Walston said later to qnotes that “It didn’t hit me until afterwards that she was telling me where my son was. She was way out of place. She needs some sensitivity training or something.”

Some religions find preaching like this to be immoral in the extreme.

Wilson apparently also preached at another constituent trying to share his experiences, this time as a gay man, by saying “I can tell you story after story of people who have lost jobs or who were mistreated. And they weren’t because they were gay or lesbian but they got the boot … but we can’t make people do right. I’m glad that you have accepted yourself. I accept you. I accept you just as you are. I’m just saying as far as legislation goes, that’s a very tough call, because they can’t make everybody do thus and so. It’s just the way life is.”

Wilson also, apparently, wants God to come before civil rights for, well, apparently anyone. This was a feeling among may racists back during the 1950′s and 1960′s. At one point, she apparently stated:

Well I just want to say that God loves me and he loves you, but he also doesn’t care what I think. He doesn’t care what I want. He wants me to do what he wants and live for him. Even Jesus on the cross, Jesus said “Father, if you can, pass this cup from me.” But he didn’t take that cup from the Lord. The Lord suffered. And we are going to have suffer, too. It hurts not to get what I want. It hurts not to do what I want. I suffer. I don’t like to lay down my rights. I don’t like to deny myself. I don’t. I do not like that. But I think every human being, every human being has issues. We all have issues. We don’t get out of this world unscathed. We don’t. I have issues. Everybody does. And that’s why I say, because I love God, I can love people. And, yes, I don’t have to have laws. There are people that are gonna — because men are evil. Men are born evil. We are born in sin. And, we are the ones that choose whether we want to continue to do it our way or say, choose whether we want to continue to do it our way or say, God, I’m wrong, you’re right and I’m not going to ask you to get on my side, I’m going to get on your side and enjoy life and enjoy freedom, and not let anyone put you down or make you feel guilty or shameful. If you feel you are right, you shouldn’t be, you should not let the enemy put guilt and shame on you.

Brent Childers, the executive director of the North Carolina-based group Faith in America, issued a statement saying:

“On the level of citizenry participation, the comments made by the staffer were terribly misguided. On a level of personal human interaction, the comments were painful and offensive. This staffer felt justified in bringing pain to both Rosemarie and Mark because she apparently believes her religious perspective justifies causing harm to innocent people. I would hope this staffer soon will see it is time for her to embrace a much different religious perspective on gender orientation.”



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3 Responses to NC Anti-Gay Legislative Aide: Gay Rights Not Civil Rights

  1. Rosemary Peppercorn

    May 3, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    S. E. “Buck” Newton was an aide to JESSE HELMS. Need I say more?

    Know that it’s the rural North Carolina areas that are ignorant.

    The majority of voters in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Cary (Triangle) area do not share Ms. Wilson’s or Sen. Hinton’s ideals.

  2. Rosemary Peppercorn

    May 3, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    Why isn’t Carol Wilson in the NC State salary database? There is a Carol Wilson, but she’s listed as a judge.


    May 3, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    what a bitch, she needs to be fired not given sensitivity training. telling a mother that her son has gone to hell for being gay!

    the article doesn’t say where S.E. “Buck” Newton, the elected offical is from,, i hope he is a little more feeling than ms. wilson is.