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Nintendo Patches Out Gay Marriage In Life Sim Game

Alas...Gay Marriage Has Been Repealed In Nintendo Land

Alas…Gay Marriage Has Been Repealed In Nintendo Land

The National Organization for Marriage must be having a happy time. Someone, somewhere has repealed same-sex marriage. In this case, that would be Nintendo. They have patched Tomodachi Collection: New Life so that same-sex marriage can no longer happen there any more.

Last Wednesday, it came to light that a glitch in the life simulator game allowed for male characters to marry each other. It was definitely a bug given that female characters could not get married and male characters could get pregnant. Even at that, it was warmly welcomed by players who posted the happy couples.

Unfortunately, Nintendo released their patch today which corrected a handful of technical issues including “human relations that become strange.” The guys at Escapist Magazine seemed to find that a bit funny writing “That is perhaps not the most precise description of same-sex marriage ever and there’s been no confirmation yet that it has actually been eliminated, but it seems clear enough that this isn’t a torch Nintendo is interested in carrying.”

Ah well, The Sims, at least, allows you to have same-sex marriage along with a whole host of other games out there.



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