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NOM To File Lawsuit Against The IRS

The NOM Logo

The NOM Logo

It is not a move that is unexpected. The National Organization for Marriage has announced their intent to file a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service. According to NOM, they are “seeking damages over the illegal theft of the organization’s confidential tax return from 2008 and its subsequent leak to the Human Rights Campaign, NOM’s principal political opponent.”

NOM’s tax returns have shown, of late, that they are hemorrhaging money and that Brian Brown makes quite a tidy sum off of their donors. Back in August 2012, NOM refused to file their tax forms and to make them public, as they were suppose to. At the time, Fred Karger stated “Wonder what John Eastman and NOM don’t want the IRS and us to see in its 2011 tax returns for its 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations? They sure are sensitive. NOM is a shady and corrupt organization as anyone who has followed them knows, but they have never sounded so angry or desperate before.”

NOM may also have problems proving that the forms were released by the IRS. At the time, they claimed that their computers were hacked.

Brian Brown now states that “Not only has the IRS retaliated against conservative, small-government and tea party groups as they apply for recognition of tax exemption AND lied about it, but it has criminally released our confidential tax return including the identity of dozens of major donors to a political enemy. In addition to being our principal combatant in the war on traditional marriage, the HRC’s president at the time was serving as a Co-Chair of President Obama’s reelection campaign. This is a chilling set of circumstances that should ring alarm bells across the nation.”

The group has retained ActRight Legal Foundation in order to file the suit in the DC federal district court.

NOM Chairman John C. Eastman stated “The very core of our ordered society has been shaken by this political roughing-up of nonprofits by the IRS. As a constitutional law scholar I can tell you that no nonprofit should ever have to experience this kind of retaliation. I am pleased to announce that the excellent attorneys at ActRight Legal Foundation have identified a strong legal strategy that should ultimately hold the IRS accountable and result in lasting change inside of the IRS.”

Unfortunately, NOM has a tendency to use every dirty trick in the book to try and get away with not being scrutinized. A tax complaint has been filed against them claiming that their actions disqualify them as a non-profit organization.



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3 Responses to NOM To File Lawsuit Against The IRS

  1. P Smith

    May 18, 2013 at 1:51 am

    As someone (*) pointed out elsewhere, NOM is allegedly a “non-profit charitable group”.

    (* – not me, though I wish I had)

    That means their records are public and publishing them is legal. Either Browntrousers is an idiot who doesn’t know the law (yes) or he’s desperate for any ploy to cover up his misuse of money for personal benefit (yes also).


  2. Lily K

    May 17, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    Personally I think the IRS needs to be checking into more of these organizations and making sure they are following the rules. So many of them are paying money for political activity when they shouldn’t be.

  3. MarcoD

    May 17, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Excellent article! By the way,, ActRight is Brian Browns personal subgroup of NOM Inc.

    You cannot make this crap up!