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Pat Robertson Thinks Gays Are Changeable, Unlike His Opinions

"Careful, you don't know where that finger's been"- Airplane

“Careful, you don’t know where that finger’s been”- Airplane

Pat Robertson has long been a supporter of the discredited ex-gay therapy. He loves to tell parents how the best thing for them to do is to shove them into some shame-based therapy in order to destroy their souls and hearts, and he loves encouraging conservatives to befriend gays just so that they can try and proselytize about the ‘sins of homosexuality.’

Of course, Robertson never seem to quite get that his love of conflating things is kind of stupid. For instance, he believes that the efforts to ban conversion therapy is wrong because gays can change…just like murderers, rapists and thieves.

Apparently he hasn’t researched the recidivism rate in this country.

In a recent show,
he stated “For somebody to say that a homosexual can change — that somehow is a hate crime? It is a hate crime to say somebody can change their sexual preference? That that’s a hate crime? [...] The power of God can change people’s orientation. A murderer can change. A rapist can change. A thief can change. That’s what the Gospel is all about. It’s not a hate crime.”

Here’s the video clip:

Of course, Robertson’s own Regent University hasn’t been able to prove that ex-gay therapy actually works, but that’s besides the point, as far as Roberson is concerned. The man who believes that homosexuality is caused by demonic possession probably is never going to take the word of some mere scientists.



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