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PolitiFact’s Bows To Moderate Bias In Navritalova Ruling

MaddowBDLike it or not, PolitiFact is pretty much a defunct site that caters to those who want to claim that reality is not real. The site, which supposedly rates the truth about political statements, has long ago abandoned true dispassionate weighing of facts for moderate media bias. That is, they gave up on actually weighing a statement on its face as true or not, and gave in to trying to make everyone happy so that they didn’t appear biased.

PolitiFact came under fire again from Doctor Rachel Maddow over their rating of a supposedly half true rating of a statement made by Martina Navratilova. The tennis legend noted that there are 29 states that allow employers to fire workers for being gay. From her statement, Navratilova was talking about state laws specifically and nothing else.

Desperate to prove that they weren’t bowing to the Left’s “gay mafia”, PolitiFacts judged this to be a “half truth”. They stated that her statement was correct if “you frame this statement ni the context of blanket protections by states.”

They went on to say “Still, even in those 29 states, many gay and lesbian employees do have protections, either because they work for the government, because they live in a city that bars such discrimination, or because they work for a company that has pledged not to discriminate based on sexual orientation. On balance, we rate Navratilova’s claim Half True.”

The problem is that PolitiFacts seems to have either bowed to the homophobic Right in order to appear moderate and unbiased or they just seem to have cotton in their heads.

Rachel Maddow, Ph.d., stated about this

“They fact-checked a statement about state law, found it to be true, decided it didn’t seem seemly or whatever to actually just call it true, so then they researched other unrelated information about how there are other kinds of things besides states like, ‘Some companies decide they don’t want to discriminate and doesn’t that count for something?’ No! Because that is not the statement you are fact-checking,” Maddow said. “The statement you were supposed to be fact-checking is true and until someone figures out how to sue you to retrieve the meaning of the word ‘fact’ from the dark and and airless hole you have stuffed it into, Politifact, than no, it is not okay for you to just make this stuff up. You are truly terrible.”

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