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Pope Begins Interfering With Politics By Urging Denial Of Communion

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

So much for that hope. Apparently, Pope Francis I has decided to pull out a page from his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and is beginning to advocate getting involved in politics, at least in a small way. Francis I sent this past March a letter to the bishops in Argentina instructing them to deny communion to those who support abortion, euthanasia and ‘crimes against the family.’ The letter even states that “This responsibility weighs particularly over legislators, heads of government, and health professionals.”

Of course, there are some American anti-women groups who want the Pope to do the same thing in the United States. Judie Brown of American Life League wants the same directive issued here in order to ‘encourage’ the American bishops “to reflect on the words of the pope and to, in fact, enforce Canon Law 915 in this country so that pro-abortionists in public life who claim to be Catholic can no longer receive Holy Communion because they will be denied the sacrament.”

Brown wants Communion denied to every pro-choice, pro-women’s rights Catholic in public life who, according to Brown, “who has not repented of his support for the heinous crime of abortion.”

Brown also believes that, so long as there is not a punishment for breaking church laws, people will break them. She stated that “There have been a few bishops in the United States, I believe there are 12 of them, who have said they would deny communion. But when you have a majority of bishops – in fact a vast majority, more than 190 – who will not enforce the law, then the bishops make a mockery of the sacrament of Eucharist. And of course, pro-abortion politicians in particular take advantage of that at every turn.”

She also said “The Word of God is so clear and it just seems to me that when people try to confuse it, they get in an awful lot of trouble – not only in this life, but we all know that eternally there’s a price to be paid.”

The Catholic Church’s hardline mentality has been causing it increasing problems over the last several decades. While the coverup of child sexual abuse hurt the Church rather badly, the fact that they are adamant about preventing the use of contraception, abortions, same-sex marriage, and so many more “liberal” policies has resulted in the rapid decline of the Church across much of Europe and in the United States. In Latin America, the hold of the Church on politics and on the people has begun to weaken as well.

Pope Francis I, when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Ares, oversaw one of the biggest black eyes that the Church had in that nation for quite some time when he led a horrific and often vitriolic campaign to stop same-sex marriage in that nation. The marriage equality legislation passed anyway, but support for the Church declined.

Currently, the only places where the Catholic Church is finding any real traction is in Africa where Evangelical Christians have been laying the ground work with anti-gay, anti-woman rhetoric for more than a decade now.



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4 Responses to Pope Begins Interfering With Politics By Urging Denial Of Communion

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  2. Francis

    May 18, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    The only price that will be paid is on the high debt the entire church and succession of Popes owes for their historical silence and encouragement if child rape by catholic priests. Changing the conversation to the enslavment of women will not protect the souls of these hypocrites that use their influence to subjugate and exploit the weakest among us. Attacking women and those who would protect them is a clear sign of how threatened this failing institution must be. I am catholic man who loves his wife and newborn child and who will stand with the actual church in our refusal to be dragged back into the darkness. We ARE the church.

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  4. Elizabeth Johnson

    May 13, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Many countries have a “Separation of Church and State” doctrine like the U S. If that were to happen here in the U S, the Catholic Church should face massive law suits, violation o the first amendment, and possible revocation of IRS church protections.