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“When Did You Choose To Be Straight” Proves Hard To Answer

A "Straight Pride" Emblem

A “Straight Pride” Emblem

Have you ever wanted to just go up to two people, holding hands as they walk down the street and ask them “when did you choose to be straight?” The above video is a “man-on-the-street” type interview in which that question was asked of many straight people, and you can probably guess that they have no clue.

The video is by advertising exec and amateur photographer Travis Nuckolls and Buzzfeed Labs’ Chris Baker. The two ask the people in this small Colorado town about homosexuality, many feel that being gay “depends on upbringing” or “has a lot to do with development”, so the two flip the question and ask them “when did you choose to be straight?”

One man even laughs nervously and says “That’s a good call. I didn’t choose to be.”

Not all of the people interviewed in the three minute video think being gay is a choice, and one woman even states “If [gay people] were gonna choose a lifestyle, that’s not one they would have chosen. It’s too difficult.”

The Huffington Post notes that the video actually goes back to 2008 and only recently resurfaced. Attitudes about homosexuality have changed a lot since 2008. Colorado even recently passed civil unions.

Most psychological research has shown that same-sex attraction is not a choice despite the continued attempts by anti-gay activists who continue to push the idea that it is. The idea that homosexuality is not a choice is bourne up by the lack of success with ex-gay therapy. To date, advocates of ex-gay therapy have yet to provide any evidence that those who go through their programs become straight.



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