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AFA’s Sandy Rios Claims An Epidemic Of Sexual Assaults Among Gay Men

Gay_signWhen you don’t have a legitimate argument to make, fear is typically the best way to not only gain a certain amount of power, but to garner support. The American Family Association knows this, of course, so it is not surprising that their radio host Sandy Rios went this route trying to make all sorts of claims attacking gay men and President Barack Obama.

To start with, Rios made the argument that gay men are more likely to be sexual predators. She claimed that “there is a huge amount of sexual abuse in the male gay community.” She even called it an “epidemic”:

Rios’ claims are hard to verify since there doesn’t seem to be an epidemic of sexual assaults against men being reported in the media or anywhere else. Unfortunately for Rios, there is a dynamic that is part of sexual assault that she isn’t really willing to note- sexual assault isn’t about sex. While it involves sex, it isn’t about sex. It’s about power and dominance.

There are some studies which show that men are as likely to sexually assault other men as they are to assault women, and gay men are at risk of being sexually assaulted by straight men, but there is little in the way of solid proof that gay men sexually assault gay men at a higher rate than straight men assault women.

Rios is probably making the same mistake as many people with her political position of conflating rape with sex. This is why so many people like her claim that gay men are pedophiles when, in reality, pedophiles are more apt to target boys than girls because society teaches girls to report being inappropriately touched more often then they do boys.

Well, Rios also doesn’t like President Barack Obama and made the tired old claim that he hates white people and suffers from self loathing because he’s half white. She said “Obama seems to have a certain hatred for—oh I should be careful—let’s just say his sympathies aren’t with the white demographic”; “He is a man with both races coursing through his veins and what happened to him? He seems to have had every privilege known to man, and still he seems resentful” of white people:

The American Family Association has a long history of being not only homophobic, but flat out racist too, so Rios’ claims are not surprising.



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