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AK Senator Murkowski “I Support Marriage Equality”

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has announced her support for same-sex marriage. She is now the third Republican to do so joining Senator Rob Portman of Ohio and Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois. Murkowski made the announcement despite being from a Red State.

A few months ago, Murkowski had announced that she was reconsidering her view on marriage equality, though she shied away from saying that her view on it was evolving.

In an op-ed posted on her official government site, Senator Murkowski stated:

I recently read an interview where Ronald Reagan’s daughter said that she believes he would have supported same-sex marriage, that he would think “What difference does it make to anybody else’s life? I also think because he wanted government out of peoples’ lives, he would not understand the intrusion of government banning such a thing. This is not what he would have thought government should be doing.”

Like Reagan, Alaskans believe that government works best when it gets out of the way. Countless Alaskans and Americans want to give themselves to one another and create a home together. I support marriage equality and support the government getting out of the way to let that happen.

Senator Murkowski also noted that she is hearing more and more from the younger generation of Alaskans that they support marriage equality, and it made her think that it was time to make the shift to support herself.

HRC President Chad Griffin said about the news that Murkowski was supporting marriage equality that “Senator Murkowski’s courageous and principled announcement today sends a clear message that marriage equality must come to all 50 states in this country. As the Supreme Court prepares to rule in two landmark marriage cases this month, a growing bipartisan coalition is standing up for the right of all couples to marry—and there is no turning back that tide.”

He went on to say “We hope other fair-minded conservatives like Senator Murkowski stand up and join her. Alaska may be nicknamed ‘the Last Frontier,’ but we’ve got to make sure that LGBT Alaskans don’t have to wait to find justice.”

However, there is no official word from Senator Murkowski or her office. No press releases have been issued and there is nothing on her Facebook or Twitter pages about her supporting same-sex marriage.



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  1. Christopher Constant

    June 19, 2013 at 5:02 pm