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An Open Letter To Wayne Brock, Chief Executive Of The Boy Scouts

Emblem of the Boy Scouts of America

Emblem of the Boy Scouts of America

Wayne Brock, Chief Executive of Boy Scouts of America:

I wish to respond to the BSA’s hypocracy in accepting gay scouts by not gay scout leaders.

How are you doing your duty to G-d and county and being morally straight in honesty and openness by reinforcing the myth that gay men are all pedophiles who want to seduce children?

Why do you see the BSA decision as anything more than a two-faced ruse and publicity stunt and in open contrast to Girls Scouts who have had an open policy for years?

I was a member of Troop 769 in Miami as a child and yes I had sex with other scouts and no scout leaders nor offers from any scout leader.

Surprise! Most kids are experimenting with other kids of the same sex in their early years, regardless of the BSA’s stupid and immoral politics.

Frankly, I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a “Gay Scouts Movement” besides crawling to the BSA for ‘acceptance’ that is so banal to begin with.

As a Jewish Gay American, I would never want to be in the company of the bigots and emotionally and sexually insecure people who are committing the social violence, while exploiting G-d and Country with the same insane arguments they used against gays in the military, in the police force, as teachers etc. Anti-semtism and racism and sexism are the same kind of poisons which BSA left the door open to with this tepid reaction on gay scouts and no gay scout leaders, that is so far behind the times.

Why should a gay person have to live two lives and be in the closet to satisfy the politics of the BSA, which is dishonorable to say the least and definately ‘unprepared’ for where the public is already at and has been for some time?
I’m happy to have pioneered with Dr. Alan Rockway, the world famous ‘affectional and sexual preference’ ordinance we wrote in Dade County, Fla. and ‘used’ Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell to make ‘gay’ a household word and force this issue onto every family and every institution and to come back time and time again to again dispel any thoughts that we would be passive and ignore the bigots and haters who had no right to determine or comment on my/our consenting adult love-making, which is none of their business in the first place and the reason we pay taxes altogether.

This was back in 1976 to 1980 and ever since. Where has BSA been? With the John Stembergers of this world pushing their homophobia and their own hangups and collecting monies to keep this charade going?

My Doug and I have been together for 26 yrs. and the last thing we want is to be endorsed by this violent, fearful, guilty society dictating the arbitrary politics of the Catholic Church, Baptist Convention and some Orthodox Jewish groups or the corrupt politicians keeping this nation divided while stealing the public blind, playing into these politics.

Slavery is treating us as second-class and then asking us to pay for it all besides and again the policy of BSA with its divide and conquer agenda. This by you is the motto and rules of BSA for kids to emulate, which is to live two lives, keep the hate going, misrepresent others who differ and are different and pay for it besides? This is how you honor G-d and Country?

In Leviticus it says a man shouldn’t sleep with another man as they would a woman. We don’t. Next? And this justifies the persecussions for centuries until we took over the media, went on the offense as ‘role models’ and stated our case without appeasements, grovelings and scapegoatisms.

The Constitution says “Taxation with Representation”. Give me the same rights as others or you pay for it. That has been our position in 3 revolutionary and non-violent elections we went through in Dade County from 1976-1980 campaigns and going from a minority to majority on the ballot with all the hysterical attacks from Anita, who said gay sex was with dead people and animals and we would recruit in the schools. We sent her the first news release so that she was speaking and attacking on our terms, not just hers. We had so much rope to give her that moved millions out of their closets and thousands of organizations to form with 11 states in U.S. behind ‘gay marriage’ as well as France, Brazil, New Zealand, Vietname, Uruguay to name just a few of the countries ending this bias from within and supporting their own citizenry.

And we threw Anita out of Florida to boot.

Amazingly, it is in Eastern Europe, Russia and amongst the Arab/Muslim nations and in African countries, that are as politically uptight as they are so hungup personally that they still attack gays whereever possible. These are the people BSA wants to be identified with?

If one out of 3 American women are subject to rape and 90% of police calls are for domestic violence, where is this great heterosexual role model we are all supposed to emulate? Just read the daily newspaper and watch the evening news on how the insanity flourishes as ‘normal’ that is constantly preached and peddled and yet is producing the mayhem and bodycount.

In a same-sex relationship, one doesn’t need birth control, vasectomies, abortions, etc. but is nature’s way of not reproducing. Meanwhile, countless gays have children and want to.
And what happens if a child or adult wants to be gay and happy?

It takes great strength to overcome all the attacks telling us that we are wrong and evil, when the focus should be to support all consenting love versus the hate.

I had wonderful and loving parents, Romeo and Juliet kinds of parents who gave my brother and myself all the support and love possible to be ourselves and I have never bought all that garbage of guilt, fear, ad nauseum.

I have been blessed many times and lived a wonderful and very gay and very Jewish life and am happy with both experiences as well as my American experience of resisting tyranny, which I have done all of my life.

I have never been in a position I couldn’t walk away from if I felt uncomfortable. Rape isn’t part of my consciousness. Why would I force myself on anyone who wasn’t interested? There is so much out there on so many levels, that it is available round-the-clock and has been throughout my entire life if I wanted it.

Rape isn’t part of the gay body experience.

Florida would rather have 40,000 abandoned kids, then allow gays to adopt till this was overturned by the courts. Of course America would rather spend more on pet food then their own kids to begin with.

America would rather allow 1 million gay/bi/heterosexual of its ‘children of all ages’ die of Aids in this other disease to accomodate the politics of ‘Aids being G-d’s retribution’, which has bankrupted the health care system, let alone lost the brilliance of all of these Americans treated as expendible and why America is suffering so much as a result of this madness.

Stupid isn’t the word for it.

Those murdered in ’9/11′; the co-pilot of the plane into the Pentagon; the leader of the revolt on flight 93 in Pa. that went down; Father Mike, chaplin for NYFD, etc. all of them gay role-models but ignored by the politics of BSA. Why? All those who gave life and limb for America’s freedoms since the beginning of this country and all of them betrayed by the anti-gay bigots within the BSA.

So you continue what’s bad and then claim that this is in the best interests of scouting? Wrong!

When looking at the Catholic Church, knee deep in pedophile abuses costing it $billions, this is the same church that gave Hitler political cover and financing, kept its mouth shut about the 2000 yrs. of Jew-hating and persecution that led to the Holocaust of over 7 million Jewish men, women and children, which may be a very low figure from the nearly 43,000 places of mass murder. Then this Vatican puts giant crosses on the world’s largest Jewish cemeteries which are the death camps and the Vatican ‘rat line’ allowed the Nazi mass murderers to escape.

Today, the Vatican is siding with the Islamic Nazis alligned with Hitler to wipe out all of the Jews and wanting to divide Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000 yrs. and the ‘Holyland’ and our “Covenant with G-d” for 5000 yrs. and give it to the very people dancing in the streets after ’9/11′ and to give up everything and betray all murdered for being Jews, to be ‘accepted’ by an anti-semitic world, re-emerging again today throughout Europe and embraced by the UN/EU/Obama etc. Why are we repeating 1938 politics? Why are we allowing Iran, that cowardly denies the Holocaust, to build its nukes it will use against Israel and America? This is the same Iran than denies it has any homosexuals, for they hang them all. In Saudi Arabia, behind ’9/11′, they behead their gays.

Pope Benedict, before becoming Pope, called gays -”intrinsically evil”, while pushing to save every fetus and abort their own gay children and families, let alone the 20,000 kids dying daily from starvation and disease the hypocrites refuse to address as the immoralists they really are.

To say that this group of frauds needs to be exposed for so much of the evil they have allowed and pushed in their political agenda, including ignoring condoms to prevent AIDS, resulting in 30millions dead worldwide and that bodycount growing is just one more chapter to diminish whatever good is being accomplished as well as to reflect upon those of true faith that would never support such madness.

I use the Catholic Church as just one example to reflect on so much of the religious institutions, that are backing BSA that aren’t happy with your decision to allow gay scouts that have always been there as well as gay scout leaders, you insist have to stay in the closet and continue this blatant attack and misrepresentation of who gays/bis are to accomodate these ‘religious’ groups. Obviously, their monies matter more than the truth that would set the BSA free..

As President of Shalom International, ( yesterday,5/28/13, was our ’613′ rally/event since Oct. 2007 and 1970 news interviews to “Fight Terrorism and Support Israel” and to “Keep Jerusalem and Israel United”. We protested Obama in Jerusalem this last March on his politics to reward Israel’s and America’s enemies and to divide what is Jewish and millions of Jews have been slaughtered for. We have been to 31 death camps. We have done as well, 150 anti-Nazi events from 1989 to 2000 and 1500 news interviews again as pioneers of defending our faith, our G-d, our history and Covenant and to stop trying to appease Islamic or German or any Nazis and Arab/Muslim oil politics.

My BSA experience, as part of growing up with a multitude of other experiences, has allowed me to do over 40,000 news interviews as the blessed ‘pioneer’ I have become and have been allowed to tell the truth and to present what real morals are all about, from the liars in those institutions who previously had the only pulpit and now have been replaced and exposed on every level so that the public has real decisions to make. If capitalism if the free market of ideas, why are you offering just one part of the advertisement. What are you afraid of? Perhaps, more sales, if the public felt BSA reliability and not the present scam of 1/2 a loaf.

Supporting ones own gay/bi/heterosexual children and families or follow the emotional and sexual hangups of Anita Bryant, Jerry Falwell ad nauseum….. to keep holding them and us all backwards and hostage to this world bent on destroying itself.

BSA is doing destructive ‘politics’. I am doing “Transperience” or the politics of experience.

Rockway and I changed the course of history with this community leading the way for the rest of the world.

Will BSA finally grow up and honor the Constution and be American for all gay, bisexual and heterosexuals leading alternative life and lovestyles? Or will it remain irrelevant and the voice of the haters?

Offering such tokenism was stepping into the schmutz big time and soiling the BSA and what’s left of its reputation, I would never support.

Why isn’t BSA “PREPARED” to understand that the only way we may survive those who want to destroy us, is to unite everyone with answers and if you’re only depending on those from heterosexists, you offer no hope what-so-ever and just one more version of the enemy within.

What a tragedy.

If you offered a merit badge for telling the truth, I wouldn’t take it from the BSA, lost in its own lies.

I’m enclosing below a statement on Hollywood’s attempt to do a movie on “Anita”, which will also be Hollywood’s version and not the truth of this very real revolution. What a shame.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres. Shalom International



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