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Cindy McCain: Both Parties To Support Marriage Equality By 2016

Meghan and Cindy McCain for the NoH8 Campaign

Meghan and Cindy McCain for the NoH8 Campaign

Cindy McCain may be right on something. The wife of Senator John McCain has been at odds with her husband on LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage. She has stated that she believes that by 2016 we will see both party’s President candidates support same-sex marriage.

Of course, that may be wishful thinking and it may not be until 2020 that this occurs.

Mrs. McCain said “You’re going to see a major turn. By the next presidential election I think this will be an issue that will be very much agreed on by both parties.”

Mrs. McCain was recently honored by the Trevor Project with their Hero Award. At the event, she noted that the GOP is changing on the issue of marriage equality and soon it will be untenable to oppose equality.

Still, her husband, Senator McCain is not onboard. This past March, Senator McCain said he would not be joining fellow Republican Rob Portman in supporting equality, but that is not stopping Mrs. McCain from being optimistic that he will.

She noted that
“He hears from his own daughters and his own children and from me a little bit about this, but it’s also okay to disagree, but do it in a manner that’s respectful. We have different views. We have raucous dinner table conversations and we encourage that. In fact you have to be tough to survive at our table.”

The Republican Party is in a battle over their own future with many younger voters calling on the Party to either abandon opposition to same-sex marriage or remain quiet about it.



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