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Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Takes On Gays Oppressing Christians

Sarah "Marmot Day" Palin

Sarah “Marmot Day” Palin

The Daily Show began its second week with John Oliver at the helm rather than the normal Jon Stewart. Oliver began the show with a fun little bit about Sarah Palin. Later, Samantha Bee took on those anti-gay Christians who are being oppressed by everyone- at least in their own mind.

Oliver enjoyed bringing up a very valid point about Sarah Palin- that we can just bloody well ignore her. That is right, Oliver hit it on the head- we can just ignore her. After all, we could spend not just this whole show, but hundreds of half-hours showing that Sarah Palin’s self-contradictory beliefs are nothing more than nonsense.

However, the real fun in this episode was the segment that Bee did. In fact, she managed to do something that no one seems to have ever done on this show- and that is make one of these Christians actually admit that, when you point out that Christians aren’t being bullied or attacked makes them sound like they’re arrogant.

Bee spoke to Preacher Matt Slick about the bullying that Christians undergo for speaking out against homosexuality. Bee noted that, after spending an afternoon with Slick, she found out just how tough it really izzzn’t. She noted that despite claims from Slick that there are gays going out to beat up Christians, she couldn’t find a single incident.

When Bee asked Slick to name one single incident in which he, himself, has been told not to speak out about homosexuality being a sin, he noted that he has only been told by some people that it isn’t right for him to go on the radio and condemn people to Hell for being gay. He then noted that, yeah, that does sound myopic and bigoted.

Here’s the segment:



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One Response to Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Takes On Gays Oppressing Christians

  1. Carrie

    June 19, 2013 at 10:25 am

    This made me laugh so hard I had to follow it up with an article of my own: