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Daxx Bouvier Forced To Cancel Wausau Pride Parade Over Safety

Wausau-downtownDaxx Bouvier had been planning to hold a Pride Parade this Sunday, but made the decision to cancel the event due to the homophobia and general ugliness form a variety of people in Wausau, Wisconsin. Among those who attacked him was a member of the Wausau City council, Dave Nutting, and several local media sources.

Bouvier stated that
“I do feel a great sense of loss for the (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Canceling the parade has set Wausau back 30 years in the way people think about the gay community.”

Bouvier lives in California, but owns property in Wausau. He also noted that there were threats to the safety of those who wanted to march in the parade, so chose to cancel the event rather than allow people to get hurt.

Nutting had told residents at the 11 June council meeting to stay away from the parade or turn their backs on “deviant-behaving individuals.”

City officials noted that, as of last week, Bouvier had failed to provide proof of insurance for the parade. Bouvier noted that he had the insurance policy written, but he had not turned it in because he was concerned that the city would rewrite it; however, it is possible he was already having doubts about the event at the time.

Bouvier stated that he will not, in the future, organize Pride events in Wausau, but hopes that others will in the future.

That may happen anyway. A similar event will be held on Saturday at 3pm. The March for Equality has been planned out by Shannon Thomas, a resident of Wausau and owner of One Girl Creative. So far, according to her, more than 300 people have committed to participating in the event.

Thomas is certain that the cancellation of the Pride parade will not have much of an effect on her march. She stated “No matter what event it was, the message always is to promote equal rights for all people in our community.” Thomas also encouraged people attending the march to bring balloons of any color since she and the other volunteers did not have time or money to buy LGBT flags to wave.



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2 Responses to Daxx Bouvier Forced To Cancel Wausau Pride Parade Over Safety

  1. LT

    June 21, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    Yeah, it had nothing at all to do with Daxx totally flaking out and not providing the proper proof of insurance or paying the required fees for the permit…..

    One bad city alderman does not make Wausau a city of homophobes. Way to spin it.

  2. Jason

    June 21, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    This is SO sad. Growing up gay in Tomahawk was EXTREMELY difficult for me. I think it is time you Northern Wisconsinites get with the rest of the world and understand that being gay is NOT wrong – People are BORN GAY and as some of you bible thumpers like to say that God does not make mistakes – and he did NOT make a mistake making me GAY. You are more worried about your frickin GUN rights than the HUMAN RIGHTS of your friends, family and neighbors. The attitudes displayed here by the Wausau City Counsel Member make me SICK and are THE MAIN reason I don’t live there anymore or even visit my MUCH LOVED family more often. Wausau and Northern Wisconsin should be ashamed!